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Slices of Red book

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Slices of Red

The second edition of 200 copies is still available. For orders contact .

Self-published photobook, printed in October 2016. The photobook is 105mm x 148mm and with 12 pages. The covers are produced with 250gsm recycled paper; and the pages are produced with 80gsm recycled paper. The booklet is with creasing and staple binding, as well as printed with Co2 balance.

The project Slices of Red explores personal and social memory in relation to identity and politics. In 2015, I visited a flea market in Sofia, Bulgaria; from where I bought two family albums. Using the vernacular found photography and combining it with stories inspired by my family’s memories, I aim to illustrate the commonality of experience, behaviour and belonging. The texts are recounted from first person’s point of view obliterate the individual to create a collective narrative of Eastern European communism. The constructivist design creates a contrast between the movement’s ideology and the concept of the project, allowing the truth to slip out through the slices.

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