1. Metro Imaging Takeover

    Date 26 Jul 2017
    From the 31st of July I would be taking over Metro Imaging’s Instagram account and sharing some of my works. Follow them to have a look at my new Masters work. htp://

  2. Photograd Takeover

    Date 15 Jul 2017
    From the 17th of July, I will be taking over Photograd’s Instagram Account. I’ll share some of my newest Master’s work, that I have recently developed as well as some works by the artists that we have featured in Revolv Collective’s platform Follow Photograd to see more of my work…

  3. Revolv

    Date 09 Jul 2017
    We are a collective of alumni and MA photography students from the University of Portsmouth. Help us fundraise money for our exhibition with free events happening from the 6th to the 9th of September in London at Four Corners Gallery. Please spread the word and share See our Indiegogo Campaign  …

  4. The nostalgia for communism (in English) - an interview on the BNT

    Date 04 Jul 2017
    I was invited as a guest on the show ”Day starts with Culture” aired on the Bulgarian National Television last week. This is the translation in English of the interview and a link of the show in Bulgarian: TH - Television host K - Krasimira  TH: Our show continues with a topic related…

  5. Artist Crit with Revolv

    Date 04 Jul 2017
    Revolv Collective, of which I am one of the founders is organising a free Artist Crit, this Sunday, the 9th of July from 12:00 to 15:00 at Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth. All artists, students and graduates (from any medium of art) are invited to be a part of a FREE group…

  6. Interview by Prototype SGEB

    Date 01 Jul 2017
    I was interview by Prototype SGEB about my practice. The interview can be viewed here (only in Bulgarian):

  7. Bulgarian National Television - The Day Starts with Culture

    Date 24 Jun 2017
    On the 26th of June from 09:15 - 10:00 (Eastern European Time) I will be a guest at the morning program The Day starts with Culture on the Bulgarian National Television. I am invited to speak about my bachelor’s work and discuss the post-communist nostalgia in the Bulgarian nation -…

  8. Prototype SGEB

    Date 24 Jun 2017
    On the 23rd of June was the opening of the exhibition ”In motion” organised by Prototype (headed by Monika Balcheva). The exhibition showcases the works of 10 young bulgarian artists - and the place is at the office of Societe General Express Bank on st. Graf Ignatiev 38 The exhibition is…

  9. University of Portsmouth CCI Graduate Show 2017

    Date 02 Jun 2017
    Tonight at 17:00 is the opening of the Graduate Show 2017 in University of Portsmouth, continuing to 21:00! The MA Photography students will show their work in progress along with the BA (Hons) Photography students’ final pieces. This is the first time I will be exhibiting an extract from my…

  10. Panel Discussion: How to create a successful crowdfunding campaign?

    Date 24 May 2017
    Tomorrow (25th of May 2017) from 1:00pm is the first edition of the Alumni Association’s Facebook Live series, talking about the problems and promises of crowdfunding; the alternative funding method.  I will be talking about crowdfunding on behalf of Revolv Collective, which I am a co-founder of.  Filmed in the new Cell Block…

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