1. Winter Wonderland

    Date 25 Dec 2017
    One of my photographs that is a part of Hey Balkan, you native, Ours is a part of the latest photography article by The Calvert Journal. The article showcases photographs from Eastern Europe and Asia celebrating the beginning of the festive season. See more here.

  2. Revolv Collective #Update

    Date 12 Nov 2017
    I have been busy managing Revolv Collective’s website & social media lately. And I would like to share a few articles on Revolv’s website, where you could see and learn more about my work Here you could find out more about Revolv Collective: Archives as Medium and see how the…

  3. Photography on a Postcard

    Date 09 Oct 2017
    Two of my photographs from Hey Balkan, you native, Ours will be shown on the exhibition Photography on a Postcard, opening this Thursday (12/10) at theprintspace (74 Kingsland Rd, London E2 8DL).  The Hepatitis C Trust’s fundraising arm, Art on a Postcard will transform into Photography on a Postcard for the…

  4. Last week of Fragments & Transition exhibitions

    Date 09 Oct 2017
    This is the last week left of the show Fragments organised by Sticks Gallery (Unit 15, South Street, Gosport, United Kingdom) where Slices of Red is shown along with the works of the painter Sue Eves. Also it is the final week of the Transition exhibition, where the same work is exhibited…

  5. NIGHT 2017 / Plovdiv

    Date 18 Sep 2017
    This year for the first time I took part of the NIGHT of museums and galleries in Plovdiv - an art & culture festival happening every year. My work ”Slices of Red” was shown along with the works of four other photographers from the University of Portsmouth. We showed our…

  6. EXTENDED Archives as Medium exhibition

    Date 10 Sep 2017
    Revolv Collective: Archives as Medium exhibition at Four Corners Gallery, London (121 Roman Road, near Bethnal Green station) has been extended!! Four Corners has offered us to stay in the space and run the show for another week free of charge.  If you didn’t had a chance to visit it, you…

  7. Free Artist Talks (09.09)

    Date 07 Sep 2017
    On Saturday 9th September Revolv will welcome Carole Evans, co-founder of Portrait Salon, Phil Serfaty, founder of Black Tower Projects, and award-winning artists Felicity Hammond and Russell Squires, to provide valuable insights into, among other things, the world of curation, how to approach galleries, applying for grants, and the benefits of…

  8. Collaborative Zine Workshop (08.09)

    Date 07 Sep 2017
    On Friday 8th September 2017, at Four Corners Gallery, 121 Roman road, London Revolv will host a collaborative zine workshop.  Revolv will welcome visitors and creative professionals from Chrono Collective, Pupil Sphere and London Alternative Photography Collective to collaborate in the making of a zine. Featured artists and all involved in…

  9. Revolv Collective: Archives as Medium

    Date 07 Sep 2017
    Revolv Collective will present its new Archives as Medium exhibition – an interrogation of the notion of the archive through the use of photography, film and sculpture – at Four Corners Gallery in East London. Alongside the exhibition, Revolv will run workshops with special guests to inform and inspire emerging artists. Krasimira…

  10. Slices of Red at Sticks Gallery, Gosport

    Date 17 Aug 2017
    Slices of Red will be shown along Sue Evens works at Fragments, Sticks Gallery, Unit 15, Gosport Precinct, PO12 1HA The exhibition will be the first for Sticks Gallery in their new space in Gosport. The Private view is on the 2nd of September, Saturday from 5:00pm - 7:00pm. The…

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