Collaborative Zine Workshop (08.09)

On Friday 8th September 2017, at Four Corners Gallery, 121 Roman road, London Revolv will host a collaborative zine workshop. 

Revolv will welcome visitors and creative professionals from Chrono Collective, Pupil Sphere and London Alternative Photography Collective to collaborate in the making of a zine. Featured artists and all involved in the production process will receive a free copy.

Chrono Collective

Founded by Bertie Oakes with the aim to showcase the best young and unexposed talent within photography, presenting this within a magazine format. Each issue has a different theme and features articles and interviews on selected artists, online as well as in print.  

Pupil Sphere

A creative community created by Daniel Ainsworth whilst undertaking a BA in Photography. It is aimed at current students and recent graduates, providing a platform to publish work in the form of regular articles and interviews.  

London Alternative Photography Collective

Founded in 2013 and co-directed by artists Melanie King, Almudena Romero and Diego Valente. The collective specifically focuses on how analogue and alternative photography processes are used in contemporary art. The London Alternative Photography Collective organises talks, symposia, exhibitions, workshops and demonstrations. Through these activities, they aim to support practitioners who use traditional photographic processes in new ways. Overall, the London Alternative Photography Collective provides an open platform for knowledge and skill exchange, where artists can develop their ideas and share tips about processes.

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