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Augury - Elena Helfrecht & Teri Varhol, Antics Publications, November 2021

Care | Contagion | Community — Self & Other, Autograph, September 2021

NO ARTIST CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE?, introductory essay, August 2021

Beata Bartecka & Łukasz Rusznica – How to Look Natural in Photos, book review for C4 Journal, July 2021 

A portrait of home: traces & touch, essay for Alexandra Diez der Rivera’s work The Whispering Gallery, July 2021

Katy Hundertmark - [Placeholder] for ZweiZweiZwei, May 2021

Performing a Lockdown: the Self and the Camera, commissioned by Autograph for Silvia Rosi’s work Neither Could Exist Alone, May 2021

Forever in Bloom, for Revolv Collective, April 2021

Forget your past fast, conversation with Martin Atanasov for EEP Berlin, October 2020

Text for The Signal by Ibrahim Azab for The Photographers’ Gallery, September 2020.

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