Krasimira Butseva is a Bulgarian artist based between Kent and London, UK. Krasimira is currently an associate lecturer in the BA Photography course at London College of Communication, UAL. She is also one of the co-founders of Revolv Collective - an organisation exploring alternative methods for teaching and creating photography through exhibitions, events and collaborations; in addition Krasimira is also the co-editor of eep Berlin magazine - the first photography magazine focusing on emerging photographers from Eastern Europe.

In her practice, Krasimira studies Eastern European trauma, history and memory through the use of photography, moving image and writing. She has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally, including Credo Bonum Gallery, Bulgaria (2020), Seen Fifteen Gallery, England (2020; 2019), District Six Museum, South Africa (2019), EEP Berlin, Germany (2019), Phoenix Brighton, BFP, England (2018), Fine Art Gallery Lovech, Bulgaria (2018), Four Corners Gallery, London (2017), Pingyao International Photography Festival, China (2016).