28-30/06: Representation on the line with Lina Ivanova, RPS 100 Heroines, The Telephone Exchange, 19 Mallord St, London, SW3 6AP; PV: 27/06, from 18:15  / Daily opening times: 11:00 to 18:00

29/06 - 07/07: Cut, so we bleed the same shade of red essay accompanying Elena Helfrecht’s work Plexus on show at the Royal College of Art
1-5/07: Why should we remember? Summer School, Sofia Platform, Belene, Bulgaria 
with Julian Chehirian

11-15/07: Balkan mine, solo exhibition & events, EEP Gallery, Berlin, Germany; PV: 11/07, from 19:00
13/07: Remembering, whilst forgetting, discussion with Maya Hristova, EEP Gallery, Berlin, Germany; from 16:00

14/07:  Trauma as ritual, reading & writing workshop, EEP Gallery, Berlin, Germany; from 16:00